As of 5/26/14 Skinny HCG will no longer function as a business.

I have carried this product for over 5 years and I have used it as well, it is a fantastic product to lose weight with.  I have enjoyed helping people with their goals, I thank you all for having confidence in me and my business.

This decision is necessary.  At one point I was earning about $45,000.00 + as a small part time business, this past year I cleared $600.00 this is due partly to the economy.  The other part is due to the FDA making a statement a  couple of years ago that they were going to "look" at the HCG business.  No formal actions were taken.  But because of it It is difficult to find anyone that will process debit card transactions.  This has effectively killed my business.

This holds a true witness with the old saying...

"I am with the government, I am here to help"

I am on a face book page that is Christian, I am a co administrator on it.  It is a great page that is growing.

Christians Getting the Truth Out

I also teach laying of hands for healing at my church

Wellspring Church of God

I also operate a barber shop since I have retired in Piedmont, Al

If you are interested in where I purchased the HCG from it is at this location.  Of all the companies I had dealt with on this product, these guys are TOP NOTCH!  Fantastic product as many of you can testify to. 

They sell wholesale, you can get your own label.  Either you design it or they will do it for you.

The turn around on their product from the time you order is about three days.

You want to talk to Patrick, tell him Scott from Skinny HCG sent you.

Your HCG Today

Again, thank you all for what you have done for me and my family.


If you want to purchase this page I would be glad to talk to you, It is well established on search engines.  With it I will give you two versions of the pages I used as a jump start for you.  Just contact me, make an offer.

 I have a GREAT partner as a host, the page costs me $12.00 a year UNLIMITED everything!

Web Hosting World

Their tech support and advice are great!  I've never had an issue with them.  Most issues are solved in 24 hours.

Scott, Skinny HCG

Thank you!