Weight Loss with HCG and 500 Calories Diet

Losing weight with the help of a 500-calorie diet while on HCG is easier than you might expect. Using HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin works by helping your body metabolize fat for energy when other sources are low. Therefore, after two days of loading up on calories, the protocol is to reduce calorie consumption to 500 for an extended period of time. With the HCG diet plan, one can quickly lose weight while keeping up energy levels to do normal daily activities by tricking the body to use its fat stores in cells.


The use of HCG was first recommended by Dr. Simeons who created a dieting protocol after learning that HCG can also curb a person’s appetite. The dieting protocol is divided into four phases and is very important the patient adheres to the protocol to achieve success on the HCG diet plan.

The most common forms of the hormone are HCG drops, sublingual pellets and HCG injections. The 500-calorie diet in Phase II is a must no matter which HCG delivery system your doctor uses. When you adhere to the 500-calorie diet regimen, you can easily shed 1 -3 pounds each day, often more. By exceeding the 500-calorie diet of protein and complex carbohydrates, it is more difficult to achieve you goals of rapid medical weight loss . The low calorie diet itself is very strict to limit you to balanced portions of meats, non-dairy liquids and complex fruits and vegetables. Sugars and simple carbohydrates are not part of the Phase II section of this diet.

Dr. Simeon suggests healthy foods consisting of the correct amount of protein such as shrimp, beef, fish, chicken or turkey must be very lean. If the meat happens to have some visible fat, it must be eliminated prior to cooking. In terms of food portions, a dieter is allowed to eat 3.5 oz beef, 6 oz shrimp, 4 oz fish or 5 oz chicken when designing a meal for the 500 calorie diet in Phase II. Phase I is the stage where you gorge yourself for two days on anything you want to eat. Have fun in phase I since it becomes a starvation diet for the next 21 or more days.


By planning and creating your meals ahead of time, you may minimize possible temptations when you are in the kitchen. The planned low calorie snacks are also very important to curbing your appetite. Alternate your dinner and lunch choices between poultry, seafood and beef and avoid eating the same meat choices consecutively. This way, you will not get bored with eating the same kinds of foods.

A dieter is also allowed to eat vegetables while following this low calorie diet plan . There are more than 40 different vegetables that you can choose from and we all know that healthy weight loss in Williamsbridge will include eating your vegetables. In the HCG diet phase I, you can go crazy with pizza, burgers and ice cream. Most diets for women in the Bronx forego snacks altogether. We believe that successful weight loss programs for Bronx men and women should include in between meal snacks to curb the appetite between lunch and dinner. Do not try this type of diet alone. Be sure to consult with a weight loss doctor in the Bronx to administer the HCG and help you design the phase II and phase III sections of the diet.